Two guys following a dream.

Two guys following a dream.

Posted by Nathan Mendoza on Jul 27th 2015

We are two guys that after working, managing, and running two different vape shops for a few years, decided to open one of our own. Why Canon City? because after living in Cotopaxi, Howard, and Canon city for after around 9 years and then moving to New Mexico for a couple of years. I decided that I wanted to come home. 

The city was fun for awhile, and I am thankful to have had the experience, after all, if I had not moved to the city, I would have never gained the knowledge that I received after running the biggest vape shop in New Mexico. We have been taught how to make the best e-liquid around! And we have also learned how to run a successful vape shop, from back office to being up front helping and teaching people and providing the best customer service that we can. We believe that if you treat customers right, and offer the highest level of products and e-liquid imaginable, then we will be successful and our customers will be happy! 

Our e-liquid is made from the best ingredients that you can find. We pay a lot for the products that we use but it shows! Every single ingredient that we use is made here in the USA! Yeah, it would be A LOT cheaper to buy nicotine that is made in China, or Mexico (about a tenth of the price!) but why would we offer low grade e-liquid to our customers?

Not only do we have ingredients that are made in the USA, but our juice is carefully handcrafted and blended right here in Canon City Colorado, and made completely fresh upon every order!

So come in and meet the staff! We are fast, friendly, and knowledgeable!